Three Adorable Babies at an Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai

Short stumpy legs slide in the mud, heads down, ears flapping, tails up, trunks swinging and play trumpeting, the three baby elephants mischievously overtake us on the path. We catch up with them when they […]

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Whale Watching in Hervey Bay

During the annual migration, it’s whales galore in Hervey Bay. Baby whales show off, whales mug our boat, blue oceans, perfect weather, a room with a view, mouth-watering food and ice-cold cocktails on the harbour […]

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bali festival during our bali stopover

Our Bali Stopover

A Bali stopover is perfect after visiting one of Indonesia’s national parks. The packed beaches of Kuta, the cool mountain air of Ubud, attending a festival, or searching for Nemo among coral reefs; there is […]

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baby snow monkey enjoys the snow

Snow Monkeys of Jigokudani Valley

Before the light from the winter sun softly touches the snow, a troop of Snow Monkeys hold each other while asleep in the dark frozen forest. As the sun slowly rises they descend the mountains […]

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Platypus on a log

Camping with Platypus at Eungella

We set our tent up on the edge of Broken River in Eungella National Park. Before long the tell-tale bubbles appear and the first platypus surfaces for a short time before making a splash and […]

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ray and sue machu picchu travel tips

Peru Travel Tips

Explore the quaint cobblestone streets of Cusco with colourful locals and their adorable llamas to the ancient mystical Machu Picchu. Discover snowy mountain peaks and turquoise lakes of the Andes. Encounter authentic villages that still practice […]

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