Camping on Lady Musgrave Island: Nature’s Paradise

At sunrise we walk around the island which takes about 45 minutes. Hundreds of turtle tracks decorate the soft silky sand.

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Lake Nakuru National Park: Falling in Love with Rothschild Giraffes

Her beautiful dark chocolate eyes look over at us and she is aware of our presence. Mum's long neck bends over and she tenderly licks her newborn's orange-spotted coat.

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Masai Mara: Our Ultimate Camping Safari

From our Masai Mara camp we watch the baby hippos slosh around in the nursery. Sploosh! Squelch! The adults watch us suspiciously.

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Hey there, we’re Ray & Sue, photographers from Australia on a mission to bring you closer to nature's marvels. Here, we showcase travel and wildlife from the Land Down Under and beyond. Join us as we pause to reflect on the breathtaking beauty of the great outdoors and prepare to be blown away by the wild wonders and soul-stirring places our world has to offer. Dive into our blogs below and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss a thing.

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Who We Are

We’re two wildlife-loving souls whose journey started with a sprinkle of wanderlust and a whole lot of love. From birdwatching, camping with kangaroos and dingoes in Australia, spotting the Big 5 on an African safari, exploring the underwater world with Nemo in Papua New Guinea to trekking with our very own adorable llama herd in Peru, our adventures have taken us around the globe. Read More

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16 Awesome Places on a North Queensland Road Trip

Tour the coast on a North Queensland road trip. A jam-packed itinerary with Queensland’s dream it, do it list of awesome places will make you want to plan for more! From Townsville, The Great Green […]

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12 Must-Do Activities in The Daintree

From the storybook ‘Where the Forest Meets the Sea’ the Daintree is the only place on earth where two world heritage sites collide. The mossy green ancient tribal lands are home to the oldest living […]

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26 Best Things to Do in the Atherton Tablelands

The Atherton Tablelands is a 90-minute drive southwest of Cairns in North Queensland. The eye-popping scenery and beauty in the lush highland region will take your breath away. Incredible nature teeming with wildlife and other […]

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Tree Kangaroos at Lumholtz Lodge

We look forward to returning to Lumholtz Lodge. During our last visit, we met Geoffrey the adorable tree kangaroo made famous by photographers and wildlife publications from around the world. Tree kangaroos are notoriously hard […]

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Camping on Lady Musgrave Island: Nature’s Paradise

Lady Musgrave Island appears in front of us after two hours of steaming into the open ocean. A sheltered blue lagoon so clear that Rainbow parrotfish and abundant corals are visible from the boat, surround […]

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Unveiling Agnes Water: A Hidden Gem for Nature Lovers

The twin coastal towns of 1770 and Agnes Water sit within 6 km of each other on the Discovery Coast. They are the gateway to the Southern Great Barrier Reef and Lady Musgrave Island. Natural […]

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dingo pup at our campsite fraser island

The Complete Guide to Fraser Island (K’gari): Best Spots, Dingoes, Camping and 4WD Tips

Dive into our ultimate and complete guide to Fraser Island! Explore the best spots, wild dingoes, essential 4WD and camping tips for the ultimate summer adventure in this stunning paradise. Transfers Fraser Island Barges have […]

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3 Adorable Babies at an Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai

Short stumpy legs slide in the mud as the baby elephants mischievously overtake us on the elephant sanctuary path. We catch up with them when they stop for their favourite juicy plants and leaves. For […]

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Our Dream Trip with the Orangutans at Camp Leakey

As our boat nears Camp Leakey we can’t believe our eyes when we see two orangutans on the jetty. They are orange blobs in the distance, but we excitedly take many photos. Fardi our guide […]

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Practical Tips for Visiting Kenya: Guide for First-time Visitors

Planning a trip to Kenya? Explore our practical tips for unforgettable experiences. Hearty welcomes from Masai Mara tribes draped in scarlet shukas. Lion sightings, newborn Rothschild giraffes, Pink flamingos, and chubby baby elephants playing in […]

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