Practical Tips for Visiting Kenya: Guide for First-time Visitors

Planning a trip to Kenya? Explore our practical tips for unforgettable experiences. Hearty welcomes from Masai Mara tribes draped in scarlet shukas. Lion sightings, newborn Rothschild giraffes, Pink flamingos, and chubby baby elephants playing in […]

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Experience Magical Kenya with this Perfect 14 Day Itinerary

As the Kenya sun scorches the red earth, elephants trumpet their delight while sliding into the cool mud baths. Enraged buffalo chase a lion, giraffes chomp on tender shoots of thorny acacia foliage. A pink […]

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mum and baby giraffe at lake nakuru

Lake Nakuru National Park: Falling in Love with Rothschild Giraffes

After four days of bush camping in the Masai Mara, we arrive at Naishi Guest House in Lake Nakuru National Park. Livingstone the caretaker waits for our arrival and welcomes us. The fire is stoked […]

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lion sighting in the masai mara

Masai Mara: Our Ultimate Camping Safari

From our Masai Mara camp we watch the baby hippos slosh around in the nursery. Sploosh! Squelch! The adults watch us suspiciously. Sammy our cook prepares lip-smacking meals that we devour between safaris. Game drives […]

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Ithumba orphan elephants in mud bath

Elephants of Ithumba: An Awe-Inspiring Release Site for Elephant Orphans

Under the scorching African sun in the remote and dusty sanctuary of Ithumba, elephants splash and slide in the cool mud bath. Anticipating blissful relief from the heat the babies slip and slide down the […]

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Baby elephant plays in the red dirt at Nairobi elephant orphanage

Nairobi Elephant Orphanage: An Unforgettable Visit

Nairobi Elephant Orphanage and Ithumba are our first stops in Kenya. We sponsor two babies, Kandecha and Ngasha from the orphanage and this is the reason we plan our trip to Kenya. The Orphanage The […]

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