3 Adorable Babies at an Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai

Short stumpy legs slide in the mud as the baby elephants mischievously overtake us on the elephant sanctuary path. We catch up with them when they stop for their favourite juicy plants and leaves. For […]

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bali festival during our bali stopover

Our Bali Stopover: 4 Days of Festivals, Food and Stunning Views

A Bali stopover is perfect after visiting one of Indonesia’s national parks. The beaches of Kuta, the mountain air of Ubud, attending a festival or searching for Nemo among coral reefs make it a fabulous […]

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baby snow monkey enjoys the snow

Snow Monkeys: The Best Guide to Visiting Jigokudani Valley

Before the light from the winter sun softly touches the snow, a troop of Snow monkeys hold each other while asleep in the dark frozen forest. As the sun slowly rises, they descend the mountains […]

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Kuri Buri Protective family of elephants

Wild Elephants of Thailand: How to Visit Kui Buri National Park

Thailand has many beautiful national parks. Some are home to the few remaining wild elephants in Thailand which are more endangered and rarer than African elephants. Researchers estimate a population of about 3000 left in […]

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dusky monkey baby in mum's arms

Dusky Monkeys of Prachuap Khiri Khan: How to Visit Thailand’s Most Adorable Primates

Local fishing boats bop in bays fringed with limestone mountains, beaches and national parks. At sunrise, the boats in the bay light up like soft candles in the distance as fishermen begin their day. We […]

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novice monk at phimai ruins in thailand

Khmer Ruins in Thailand: Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting

The Khmer Empire was the most powerful in Southeast Asia between the 10th and 13th centuries. Temples remained hidden in the jungle for hundreds of years until their rediscovery in the 19th century. Though not […]

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Tarsiers at tangkoko national park

Tangkoko National Park: The Best Place in the World to Spot the Endangered Tarsier

The sun sets and the tarsier emerges from the hollow of the fig tree. Not much bigger than a mouse with huge honey-molten eyes. He looks out into the jungle and calculates his next move. […]

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Our Dream Trip with the Orangutans at Camp Leakey

As our boat nears Camp Leakey we can’t believe our eyes when we see two orangutans on the jetty. They are orange blobs in the distance, but we excitedly take many photos. Fardi our guide […]

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