little kingfisher

12 Best Things to do in the Daintree

From the story book ‘Where the Forest meets the Sea’ the Daintree is the only place on earth where two world heritage sites collide. The mossy green ancient tribal lands are home to the oldest […]

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atherton tabelands windin falls

26 Best Things to do in the Atherton Tablelands

If you are planning a trip to the Atherton Tablelands there’s no shortage of things to do and see. If dancing birds and kangaroos that climb trees aren’t enough; the picturesque area rich in birds, […]

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tree kangaroos at lumholtz

Tree Kangaroos at Lumholtz Lodge

We look forward to returning to Lumholtz Lodge after visiting a few years before. During our last visit, we met Geoffrey the adorable tree kangaroo made famous by photographers and wildlife publications from around the […]

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maroon clownfish lady musgrave

Lady Musgrave Island – Camping, Turtles, Seabirds and Snorkeling

Lady Musgrave Island appears in front of us after 2 hours of steaming into the open ocean. A sheltered blue lagoon so clear the reefs and fish are visible underneath, surround the island’s white sandy […]

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agnes water 1770 1

Agnes Water – Beaches, Turtles, Kangaroos and Sunrises

The twin coastal towns of 1770 and Agnes Water sit within 6 km of each other on the Discovery Coast and are the gateway to the Southern Great Barrier Reef and Lady Musgrave Island. Natural […]

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Whale Watching in Hervey Bay

During the annual migration, it’s whales galore in Hervey Bay. Baby whales show off, whales mug our boat, blue oceans, perfect weather, a room with a view, mouth-watering food and tropical cocktails on the harbour […]

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Platypus on a log

Camping with Platypus at Eungella

As the mist shrouds the rainforest we set our tent up on the edge of Broken River in Eungella National Park. Nestled among lush ferns and towering palms our tent faces out to a platypus […]

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whitehaven beach hills inlet

Whitsundays Camping Tips

Camping is an affordable way to explore the Whitsundays. With gorgeous bays, secluded beaches, coral reefs and over 30 campsites to choose from it is the ultimate camping experience. Camping We camped on Whitehaven Beach […]

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clownfish and anemone

Camping on Whitehaven Beach

Our day on Whitehaven Beach starts with a 50-metre walk from our tent, across the soft white silica sand to the warm turquoise ocean where we snorkel on the little coral reef in our search for […]

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Baby Loggerhead Turtle

Turtles at Cape Hillsborough National Park

The sandy beaches of Cape Hillsborough National Park are one of the areas in the Mackay region where marine turtles come ashore and look for a suitable site to lay their precious eggs. Flatback Turtles […]

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Platypus at Broken River Eungella

Close encounters with the Eungella Platypus

Eungella National Park is a 90-minute drive west of Mackay, Queensland. The drive is through the picturesque Pioneer Valley and along a winding road up the mountain range to the little township of Eungella, which […]

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dingo on fraser island

Our Fraser Island Camping Adventure

Blue skies, sandy white beaches, ancient rainforests and moonlit nights listening to the haunting howl of dingoes. We are camping on Fraser Island, a world heritage site and the world’s largest sand island. Aborigines call […]

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Fraser Island Camping Tips

Fraser Island Camping Tips

Wild dingoes, white sandy beaches, unpredictable oceans and pristine wilderness make camping one of the best ways to experience Fraser Island. With a choice of remote and private bush campsites to fenced campsites with facilities, […]

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Cape Hillsborough

Cape Hillsborough with the Kangaroos

Orange, purple, red and yellow hues erupt from the horizon to reflect on the shore of Cape Hillsborough Beach. Two eastern grey kangaroos are silhouetted along the water’s edge. They hop away into the distance when the […]

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Cassowary dad and his 12 week old chick

Cassowaries at Cassowary House

Cassowary House is the regular haunt of Dad and Missy, two endangered Cassowaries. Nestled in the rainforest on Black Mountain Road near Kuranda in Queensland, Cassowary House offers a rare chance to see these beautiful […]

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baby koala on mums back

Magnetic Island – Koalas, Beaches and Sunsets

Granite boulders plunge into turquoise oceans of beaches that have our footprints only, hidden bays wait to be explored and koalas munch on eucalyptus leaves. We are on Magnetic Island, a tropical island paradise in […]

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